Learning Three-Octave Arpeggios on the Cello


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Are you ready to learn three-octave arpeggios on the cello? Do you want a better sense of fingerboard geography? Are you tired of guessing where notes in the higher positions are? This book can help!

Using a carefully planned series of exercises, this book teaches the notes and spaces in three-octave major and minor arpeggios on the cello. Studies for three complete sets of fingerings are included, included “shifting across strings,” “shifting up the A-string,” and “shifting into thumb position.” After practicing these exercises, your hand can have a much better grasp of where the notes are in each arpeggio and how to reach those notes consistently and precisely.

The book uses bass, tenor, and treble clefs and would be most helpful for advanced cellists. A prior or simultaneous study of three-octave scales is recommended.

Learn Three-Octave Arpeggios, Note by Note and Space by Space
  • Instead of just listing the arpeggios for you, this book takes them apart and teaches them, note by note and space by space.
  • By focusing on developing muscle memory, the book can help your hand develop a reliable knowledge of fingerboard geography.
  • While scales teach you the notes in order, they don’t cover larger shifts. Arpeggios are one of the best ways to learn bigger distances on the cello.
What’s in the Book

Because this book gives you exercises for three complete sets of traditional fingerings for all of the major and minor arpeggios, the book has something for everyone!

As a bonus, the arpeggio workout by Sevick has been adapted for cello and included to cover an even more comprehensive set of arpeggios.

This is a companion book to Learning Three-Octave Scales on the Cello and could be followed by Arpeggios Studies in Three Octaves for the Cello

by Cassia Harvey
148 pages CHP359
©2019 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass, tenor, and treble

Heterogeneous Class Use

No, cannot be used in heterogeneous classes



Positions Used

Covers most of the fingerboard


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