Other Places Where You Can Buy the Books

If you live outside of the US — or if you have an account with another store — you might be wondering where to buy the books.

Many of our customers start out with a web search or find us through Amazon. Amazon is useful for making the books available all over the world (don’t worry; we get paid for Amazon sales.)

But people like supporting local businesses and so we also get asked about other places to buy our books.

If your local sheet music store or bookstore does not carry our books, please ask them to contact us to set up a dealer account.

Sheet Music Stores

Note: Brick-and-mortar sheet music stores are endangered ​and we love to support them!

These are just some of the physical and online sheet music stores that carry our books. To have your store listed here, email us at info@charveypublications.com.

Online Bookstores

International Bookstores

Since our books are carried by several world-wide distributors, start out by searching online bookstores where you live.

Very often, the books will be printed in or near your country, which cuts down on shipping costs and is also better for the environment (since shipments typically go by plane.) Here are just some of the bookstores that carry our books:

School Orders

We sell to schools! We are happy to work with the processes of your district to set up and fulfill orders. 

For schools that have open POs with retailers, our books are carried by J.W. Pepper, Music & Arts, and Sheet Music Plus, and they are able to place your order with us for the books.

If your school deals with another retailer, please reach out to them to ask about fulfilling the order; we deal with many retailers that are not listed on this page.

PDF Books