Free Violin Sheet Music: Intermediate Level I and II

Free Violin Sheet Music: Advanced

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C Major Third Position Scale Variations for Violin

Free Violin Technique: C Major Third Position Scale Variations

Using a Scale and Variations to Build Violin TechniqueIn this post, we will use a C major scale to work on violin third position and different...

Free Preparatory Third Position Violin Exercises!

Learn the third position finger patterns in the 12 major keys. Improve intonation, muscle memory, and agility in third position! Work on reaching...
Free Studies on Wohlfahrt's Etude No. 39 for Violin

Free Violin Studies on Wohlfahrt Etude No. 39!

The exercises below give you shifting, position, and bowing exercises that help you master this intermediate violin etude. Teaching is often an act...
Mini Open String Workouts for Violin, Book Three

Mini Open String Exercises for Violin, Part Three!

We are excited to release Open String Bow Workouts for Violin, Book Three! Focusing on bow control, this book has exercises that help your brain...

Another Free Christmas Solo/Duet for Strings: Ding, Dong Merrily on High!

Make the Christmas season special with another free Christmas Solo/Duet for strings! Ding, Dong Merrily on High is written in the style of the music...
Good Christian Men, Rejoice, a Free Compatible Christmas Solo and Duet

Free Christmas Solo and Duet: Good Christian Men, Rejoice! (In dulci jubilo)

Three new Christmas books were just released! The Advent study books give you 25 warm-up exercises, solos and duet parts for every day of Advent...
Music Book Clips

Introducing Our Newest Music Clip! Plus, Other Solutions for Keeping Pesky Music Books Open!

We teach with and practice with hard-to-open music books too. It has been so difficult to keep them open that we have never stopped searching for...
Seven Ways Duets can Make String Teaching Easier

7 Ways Duets Can Make Teaching (and Studying) Easier!

I had been teaching for a couple of years before I realized that there are a number of ways that duets can make teaching easier. My teacher and I...

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