About the Books

We publish over 270 books for violin, viola, cello, and string class. These books have been written and edited by teachers and have been designed to help students improve. From cello technique to violin duets, these books give students, musicians, and teachers new and exciting material to study!

Core Principles Behind the Books

  1. If a book doesn’t make students better, it won’t be published. We have to be able to see or hear the difference in students that play the book before it will be published.
  2. Every book published needs to add something that doesn’t previously exist in string repertoire. We won’t publish books of plain scales; there have been plenty of those written over the past several hundred years!
  3. The books must be practical. If a book is too hard to read, students won’t practice it. If a book is too daunting, students won’t even open it. Practicality is a huge goal for us!
  4. Not every book is right for every student or musician. Some books work better for a player than others do. It is up to the teacher to pick books that work best for their students. We don’t expect anyone to use every book published for that instrument.
  5. However, we absolutely do want to cover every area of string study and playing. We are working to publish exercises, etudes, solos, duets, chamber music, and music for string orchestra. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of the page to get news about new releases and sales!