Warm-Ups for the Advanced Cellist


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Mini Cello Technique Workouts

Warm-Ups for the Advanced Cellist
gives you short daily cello exercises in four areas: one-string scale patterns, thumb position, double stop octaves, and scale patterns on the lower strings.

Each exercise is written in three keys and intended to be continued in higher keys so that you gain a mastery of the entire cello fingerboard.

These exercises are extremely efficient; you can use this book to maintain a high technical level even when minimal practice time is available.

by Cassia Harvey
46 pages CHP200
©2008 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass, tenor, and treble clef

Heterogeneous Class Use

No, cannot be used in heterogeneous classes



Positions Used

Covers most of the fingerboard, thumb is used extensively.


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