The Cello Etude System, Book 0: Beginning Studies – DUET book


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Compiling and organizing some of the most effective etudes written for cello, this series of foundation studies gives you a comprehensive step-by-step method for perfecting your cello playing!

The Cello Etude System presents both rare and classic etudes, interspersed with newly written material, providing cello teachers and students with a library of essential resources for teaching and learning cello. Recognizing that students learn at different speeds, The Cello Etude System books allow cellists to learn at either a relaxed pace or an accelerated pace.

With works by Schroeder, Nolck, Werner, Davidov, Romberg, and more, this book has a huge array of rare studies for beginning cello. Where duet parts were not already written, Myanna Harvey has composed cello accompaniment parts so that a teacher can play along with the student on every etude. This is especially helpful in working on rhythm and early chamber music skills!

There is a separate solo cello part to this book, which can be helpful for students who read a single line better than a duet score: The Cello Etude System, Book 0; Beginning Studies, Solo Book.

This book, Part 0, presents cello etudes at a beginning level, starting with open strings and gradually progressing to fingered notes. All of the student parts to the etudes in this book are in closed first position. The duet part in this book is intended for an instructor and includes more advanced techniques, including positions. This book could be followed by The Cello Etude System, Part 1A, which teaches more complex etudes, also in closed first position.

by Cassia Harvey and Myanna Harvey
123 pages
©2021 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass clef only

Heterogeneous Class Use

No, cannot be used in heterogeneous classes



Positions Used

First position only


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