The Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Book for String Bass

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Are you ready for a new collection of energetic, catchy fiddle tunes? The Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Book for String Bass is here! This book has tunes and harmonies you will hum through the rest of the day and can give you a new reason to get excited about playing the string bass!

Perfect for in-person and remote private (or group) lessons, string ensembles of any combination, or impromptu chamber music parties, this book (along with the violin, viola, cello, and optional piano books) gives you eleven “mix-and-match” fiddle arrangements to play, along with short preparatory warm-up exercises. Each tune has four options so musicians at different levels can play together: an Advanced Melody, a Stress-Free Melody, a Basic Harmony, and a Teacher Harmony. You can warm up with the exercises, try the Stress-Free Melody, and then work towards the Advanced Melody.

The Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Book for Bass can be played in a group or group class with the violin, viola, cello, and piano books; all of the tunes can be learned and played together as duets, trios, or in groups of any size.

This bass fiddle book uses I, II 1/2, and III positions, is in the keys of D and G and will get your toes tapping and your fingers fiddling!

Arrangements by Myanna Harvey
Exercises by Cassia Harvey
45 pages CHP386
©2020 C. Harvey Publications

C. Harvey Publications · Old Joe Clark From The Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Books

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass clef only

Heterogeneous Class Use

Yes, can be used in heterogeneous classes


Late-Beginning to Early-Intermediate

Positions Used

Advanced parts use I, II 1/2, III position, Stress-free and Basic parts are all in first position


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