Sailing Into Bethlehem; Christmas Duets for Two Cellos


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Christmas Cello Duets

Looking for intriguingly beautiful early-intermediate cello holiday duets?

Sailing into Bethlehem: Christmas Duets for Two Cellos gives you a chance to play the carols you love with your teacher, your students, or your friends.

Weaving melodies with accompaniment, Myanna Harvey has created a Christmas book in the style of Flying Fiddle Duets for Two Cellos.

Playable, enjoyable, performable: these duets are a welcome addition to the Christmas chamber music repertoire.

Know any violinists or violists? You can pick up a copy of the violin book or the viola book and play with those instruments as well; the cello book is fully compatible with the Violin and Viola books!

Here’s the technical nitty-gritty:
•uses only bass clef
•uses both closed and extended hand positions
•uses first, second, third, and fourth positions

This book could be followed by Dancing into Bethlehem: Christmas Duets for Two Cellos.

by Myanna Harvey
43 pages CHP335
©2017 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass clef only

Heterogeneous Class Use

Yes, can be used in heterogeneous classes


Intermediate through Advanced players can use this book.

Positions Used

First Through Fourth Position


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