Octaves for the Cello, Book One


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Learn Double Stop Octaves in Cello Thumb Position

Octaves for the Cello, Book One begins the study of octave double stops in thumb position on the cello.

The book begins with strength training to prepare the hand and continues with exercises in finger spacing that give you the precision required to play octaves.

The exercises teach the "D" octave (with the thumb on the mid-string harmonic) and then teach the "A" octave (when the 3rd finger is on the mid-string harmonic). Finally, the book teaches you to shift between those two octave double stops.

All advanced cellists can benefit from a daily study of octaves. Octaves form the basis for most of the thumb position encountered in repertoire. Many high-level skills, such as artificial harmonics, double stop thirds, and double stop tenths, can only be played if you have a fluent octave technique.

Teachers can use this book to train their students in advanced double-stop playing on the cello before they are required to play octaves in solo literature, or as a technique supplement for students already playing octaves in cello literature.

Professional-level cellists can use this book to refine and update their skills. This book can be followed by Octaves for the Cello, Book Two.

by Cassia Harvey
32 pages CHP103
©2004 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass and treble clef

Heterogeneous Class Use

No, cannot be used in heterogeneous classes



Positions Used

Covers most of the fingerboard, thumb is used extensively


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