Learning the Viola, Book Two

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Learn More Viola!

Learning the Viola, Book Two teaches a new set of skills on the viola and helps you become more fluent in first position.

The book reviews note-reading and teaches rhythms, string crossing, slurs, high and low 2nd finger, and high 3rd finger.

This is a great book for adult learners, with ample easy-to-read material for progressing through viola first position.

Teachers: this book can be studied in private lessons or in string classes, along with the Violin and Cello books.

This book could be studied after Learning the Viola, Book One and along with Viola Book One.

by Cassia Harvey
64 pages CHP286
©2017 C. Harvey Publications

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Additional information

Clefs Used

Alto clef only

Heterogeneous Class Use

Yes, can be used in heterogeneous classes


Beginning to Late-Beginning

Positions Used

First position only


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