Fiddles on the Bandstand; Fun Duets for Violin and Cello, Book One


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Take a journey to the time when lawn chairs and blankets would be out under the stars and music would waft out from under the eaves of the wooden bandstand.

These are the tunes that got our feet moving, made us smile, and brought us together.

Now, with these violin duets, you can bring the toe-tapping, exuberant joy to others and remind us all that through highs and lows, music can be something we share to keep our spirits up and build community.

From Scott Joplin to John Philip Sousa, these violin and cello duets will invite you up on the bandstand, out for a gig, or out on your lawn to play your heart out!

Know any other string players? You can pick up a copy of the violin, viola, or cello books and play with those instruments as well; this book is fully compatible with all of the other versions of Fiddles on the Bandstand, Book One.

In this book, the violin part is mostly in first position, with occasional basic third position. The cello part is in first through fourth positions and is entirely in bass clef.

by Myanna Harvey
51 pages
©2020 C. Harvey Publications



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Additional information

Clefs Used

Bass clef only for cello

Heterogeneous Class Use

Yes, can be used in heterogeneous classes


Intermediate through Advanced players can use this book.

Positions Used

First through fourth cello, first and third violin


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