It's Always Hard to Find Music for Different Levels to Play Together

All of the music was ready. The snacks, the chairs, the stands; we were ready for anything. Myanna and I had spent hours arranging music, making chamber groups out of names (level often unknown), answering emails, cleaning, and so much more. Summer string camp was about to begin!

Summer String Camp

The doorbell rang and the first student came in, always looking a little uncertain. It’s hard to be first! But then the deluge would happen and soon our front porch would be covered with violin, viola, cello, and bass cases and no matter how prepared we had planned to be, chaos would reign for that entire first session.

Summer Chamber Camp

Students at different levels

We have always had students at a range of ages and levels sign up for Summer Chamber Camp, from first year players to high schoolers in advanced string quartets. 

But by far, the most challenging issue has been finding music for our “Blackberry Blossom” groups: first and second year students in larger groups who want to play with their friends (even if levels aren’t compatible) and have fun playing! 

The level range inside of these groups has been astonishing. Some students only know a few notes while others can play fluently in first position (but aren’t quite ready for the early-intermediate trios and quartets at the next level.) 

Problem-solving is pretty much our favorite thing. So Myanna wrote some easy, flexible tune arrangements for these groups.

First, there’s a Regular Exercise and a Basic Exercise that can both be played together at the same time (and with all the instruments.)

The Blackberry Blossom Books Sample 2

Then, for each tune, there’s an Advanced Melody, a Stress-Free Melody, a Basic Harmony, and a Teacher Harmony (plus, a piano accompaniment and full score, available separately.)

The Blackberry Blossom Books Sample

Here’s a concert photo of one of our Summer Fiddle groups playing a tune from the Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Books!

Summer Chamber Camp

Besides summer camps, these books have been used in string classes, string orchestras, and in single and group lessons!

We’re excited about how flexible the books are, both with level and instrumentation.

And now for the free booklets!

To give you an idea of how the books work, Myanna and I have put together a free set of exercises and tune arrangement of Forked Deer in exactly the same format as the Blackberry Blossom Fiddle Books.

This is an all-new tune that isn’t in the books! Feel free to copy and hand out to students or fellow musicians.

Free Forked Deer Fiddle Booklet for Violin
Free Forked Deer Fiddle Booklet for Viola
Free Forked Deer Fiddle Booklet for Cello
Free Forked Deer Fiddle Booklet for String Bass
Free Forked Deer Fiddle Booklet Piano Accompaniment and Score

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And here are free playalong tracks for Forked Deer!

The Blackberry Blossom books have free playalong tracks too! Check out our SoundCloud channel: