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Treble Clef for the Cello
Treble Clef for the Cello – NEW RELEASE!

A method that teaches intermediate and early-advanced cellists how to read this essential clef!

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Your scale books and finger exercise books are fantastic!  I wish I had learned of them sooner.  For decades I used two Klengel books for this as Elsa Hilger studied with him and we as conservatory students went through ALL of them.  Yours are so much more interesting and creative, and they get the job done! For myself, I use books 2 and 3 for the finger exercises and three of the three-octave scale books.  One of my students is also using a bowing book and it is helping her to improve.
Theresa Villani, cello

I have been using Cassia’s Tenor Clef books for at least 15 years! I think it really challenges the student’s brain, confusing them mightily, but in a very short time they really get tenor clef. Also, it throws in a number of little exercises that teach some great technique at the same time as learning tenor clef. I generally use it starting at or beyond Suzuki Book 3. Highly recommended! 
Robert Blais, cello,

Just wanted to let you know that your Third Position Book has been well received by my students. I handed them out and thought that I’d start up with them in a week or 3. What happened was….they just opened them up themselves and jumped in!! One student said, “I did the first few pages…I couldn’t help myself!”
B. G., violin, viola

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